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Did you know we offer Same Day Delivery service on all of our moonwalks, water slides, and interactives at no addiontal charge?

With over 70 units in our warehouse and ready to go, chances are that we've got something you can have fun on. Will the kids just not leave you alone, and it's only Tuesday? Are they bored with that video game? Get them outside and on one of our water slides. We have some of the most popular slides in Houston, and will even make you a better deal for a weekday rental! In many cases, depending on your location, we usually can have your unit delivered and setup within a matter of 1 to 2 hours.

Same Day Delivery - Moonwalks and Water Slides

Most of really poplular items (ie: 18' Wave Water Slides) book out weeks in advance, so we do suggest booking early, but we completely understand most things happen spur of the moment, and want to make sure we have no only the highest quality inflatables ready to go, but that we're ready to earn your business this second!!

Click the Make a Reservation Button Above to reserve your inflable in the greater Houston area Today!

Although we won't be delivering your water slide on a bike like this, we loved this picture that J&R Audio created!