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Obstacle Course Relay Race

Players are divided into two teams, and line up behind a start/finish line.Each player races around a designated course, then returns and tags the next person in line. That player then repeats the sequence, until all the players have had a turn. The first team to go through all of its players and return to the starting line wins.

Enhance your obstacle course rental with these easy to create stations:

  • Ring Toss - Have a station where players try to toss rings onto a cone from designated distance. Players must make a ring before they continue the course.
  • Dizzy Bat - Lay a bat out in the yard. When players get to it they must stand it upright, put their forehead to it, and spin around it 5-10 times before continuing the course.
  • Bag Toss - Similar to above, but with a cardboard cutout and socks filled with rice (or our bag toss game!). If it is a theme party, you can make the cardboard a character of the theme.
  • Bicycle Race - Have players race on bicycles to a designated point and back, such as around a tree or cone. Smaller bicycles, such as 12" or 16" will make it even more fun and hilarious to watch!
  • Book Balance - An area that players must navigate through while balancing a book on their head. If the book falls off, they have to go to the beginning of the station again!
  • 40 Ways of Getting There - An empty section of course where players must cross in their own individual way- no two players on one team can travel the same way (ex: running backwards, somersaults, crab walk, skipping, crawling, hopping on one foot)
  • Backwards Obstacle Course - If you make the inflatable obstacle course the first station, you can have players run through the course backwards!
  • Follow Through - This is a nice touch for the end of the race. As the last player comes through the obstacle course for the final time, have all the other players stand with their backs to the starting line with their legs spread open. As the player comes off of the obstacle course the have to crawl to the front of the line. When they get to the front they have to stand up and spread their legs. As soon as one person goes, the next can start. When a player gets to the front they have to pop up and spread their legs. This can be done either to a finish line or until everyone has crawled through at least once. This is a good way to finish a relay race as a team!


Balloon Stomp!

Using a piece of string 18" long, tie one end to your ankle and the other to a balloon.

As soon as everyone is ready, start playing some music. While the music plays, people walk around the floor. When the music stops, the aim is to burst everyone elses balloon and protect your own.

The winner is the last person left with a balloon.


Capture the Flag

Anything visible works as the "flag" such as bandanas, shirts, etc.

Players are divided into two teams.

A good playing area is fairly level, and has lots of rocks and trees to hide behind. The area is divided into two halves, each belonging to a team. Each team chooses a location in their area for the flag which must be in plain site, and a prison.

The object of the game is to steal the other team's flag and return it to your area without getting tagged by a member of the other team.

Players who get tagged in the other team's area must go to that team's prison, and remain there until a member of their own team can tag them and free them. Once a player has reached the prison, and frees their teammates, all get a "free walk" back to their own area.

For added fun, trying playing this at night, or if you have lots of players, try playing with more than two teams!



Best played outdoors, but can be played in a large hall with obstacles set up.

Several people are blindfolded, form a chain by putting hands on shoulders of player in front of them. The last player in the chain is not blindfolded, and must guide everyone by giving directions "right", "left", "forward", "back".

Have them go around an obstacle course, up and down hills, around trees, and so forth. You can also have caterpillar races, with two or more teams.


Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John

Players sit in a circle.

Each seat is assigned a name or number, starting with Matthew, Mark, Luke, John (or one, two, three, etc.)

Everyone joins in, repeating a four-count rhythm, slapping their legs twice, clapping once, and snapping their fingers once (slap, slap, clap, snap).

"Matthew" always starts.

On the fourth count (finger snap), he calls the name/number of another position. That person must then call out the name/number of another's position on the following fourth count (finger snap). If someone misses the rhythm, calls their own name or number, etc., they go to the last position, and the game starts over.

Object: Become Matthew, and stay in that position as long as possible.


Dogs and Cats

Everyone sits in a circle.

The leader says, "This is a dog" to the player on their right.

That player responds, "This is a what?" back to the leader.

The leader replies, "This is a dog."

That player then turns to the player on their right and the exchange repeats, but the first player repeats the question, "This is a what?" back to the leader and the answer, "This is a dog" from the leader back to the second player.

The question and answers therefore go all the way around the circle from the leader to each player, through all the players in between.

Meanwhile, the leader starts "This is a cat" to the left.


Come up with questions/answers that relate the the theme of the party.

Try dividing into two teams and seeing who can get through the line first.

Start one question from the front, and one from the back of each line.