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Are you planning your kids birthday party in Houston and looking for ideas? Look no further than City-Wide. Have your party at home! We provide excellent attractions to keep the children entertained all afternoon.


What are moonwalks, anyway?


Moonwalks, also known as jumpers, bounce houses, bouncers, inflatables, moonbounces and bouncy castles, are a great hit for children of all ages and those young at heart. Moonwalks are great for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, they are great because they keep kids busy, having fun throughout the day, and they also give the parents some time to enjoy the party themselves. Kids can play countless games and activities in them, from simply jumping around, racing, climbing, and sliding and even interactive games like joust arenas, Velcro walls, obstacles courses, water slides and slip n slides. There are so many different types of inflatable moonwalks in the industry that kids can never get bored with these products.

Another reason why adults love these moonwalks is because it provides a healthy activity and fitness for kids, much better than sitting in front of a video game or television all day long. Kids get a full day of exercise and excitement playing in moonwalks, equivalent to a day at a theme park or Chuck E Cheese™, and parents never have to leave the house or worry about setup or cleanup. Moonwalks are so popular nowadays, that most consider it one of the top activities and attractions at any party or event.

Try them out, if you have never had one rented for your party or event then do so for your next one, I guarantee your kids will love you for it.