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Well Houstonians, it's that time of year again! 100 degree weather is coming to it's end, and that means it's time for Fall Festivals around your community and at your churches.

Yes, we can now come outside for more than a trip to the mailbox and not have to worry about heat strokes! The perfect way to celebrate your Fall Festival is with City-Wide there to support your event. Check out some of our special items suited best for this season.



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1.) Obstacle Courses

While inflatable waterslides are king the summer months (and still see their fair share of use until November), inflatable obstacle courses are definately the hot commodity in the fall when temperatures drop. Plan on a wild time with adrenaline-pumpin' action with side-by-side races with two lane obstacle courses. These units are especially good for large crowds because it gives the ability for lots of participants to use it in a short amount of time. Unlike waterslides (which have capacity loads) and sumo suits (which require more time to get into/out of), inflatable obstacle courses can easily handle 120 participants/hour.

2.) Jousting Arena

This competitive game pits two Gladiators doing battle against each other atop padded pedestals in an inflatable arena. Who will be the first to be knocked off balance and off their pedestal by a blow from their opponent!? Matches usually last anywhere between 10 seconds and a few minutes, so this game also has high turn-around rate which means a lot of people can enjoy this game. This item is also a safe bet for large crowds, because the intense action invites others to gather around and root for their favorite opponent.  Runs 45-60 players per hour, depending on the rules. Our inflatable jousting arena is the safest in the industry, with 4ft. high inflatable walls along the perimeter to keep the players inside. We also provide helmets.

Houston Gladiator Joust Rental

3.) Slides and Bouncers

You can't go wrong with the classics for your fall festival, inflatable moonwalks and waterslides will keep the kiddos entertained all evening and give the parents some time for socializing. City-Wide has a large collection of character moonwalks and slides to make your fall festival perfect!

Houston Castle Moonwalk Rentals

4.) Sumo Suits

Well, my best advice is to check out the videos on the sumo suit page here. They practically speak for themselves. Fun for competitors and hilarious action for spectators, these are sure to add excitement at any fall festival. These are a real hit especially for youth groups and other smaller group settings, because they allow for knockout-style competitions for parties of up to 30 participants over the course of an evening.

Houston Sumo Suit Rental

5.) Carnival Games

The staple elements of any fall festival and a great way to give out candy! The more you play, the more you win! City-Wide carries a wide range of games including bean toss, sack races, horseshoe, balloon dart game, floating duck, and more!

Bean Toss

Call City-Wide Moonwalks today at (713) 623-1759 to make your fall festival a smash hit!