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A question we get asked all to often is whether or not adults can play on our water slides?

It really depends on just a few things:

  1. Do you mind getting wet?
  2. Do you own a swim suit or other attire you don't mind getting wet?
  3. Are you brave enough?

In all seriousnous, our most all of our water slides are designed with both children and adults in mind. (We like to have fun too!!) You will literally be blown away by how exciting these water slides are. Not to mention, it's a great way to cool off from this Houston heat!


Being that the pools are only a one to two feet deep, we do suggest that you take the first couple passes with extra caution, to get the feel for the slide, and just how fast it is. You will be surprised! One thing that you absolutely should not do is have multiple people going down the slide at a time with the exception of our 18' Dual Lane Water Slide which has two lanes. The 32' Double Lane Slip N' Slide is also setup to take two people at a time, and is truly an all time favorite among our teenage and adult customers.

If you have a hankering for taking one of our Water Slides in Houston for a spin, give us a call at 713-623-1759, or make your reservation online Today!

Disclaimer: If you've had previous neck, back, shoulder, or any other injury / illness that could be agravated by abrupt stops / intense physical activity, do not go down any inflatable water slide.